Summer School 2023

2023 HEPCAT Summer School, UC San Diego:

The second HEPCAT summer school was hosted by UC San Diego from June 20 to June 30, 2023. The schedule is shown below. There are 12 lectures delivered by mentors across different topical groups. Students work on 8 experimental modules with hands-on activities. An annual meeting was hosted on the last day (June 29). Last year’s fellow students presented their research progress.

Hands-on activities with eight modules:


Kaixuan Ni Photosensors [slides] [recording]
Ren-Yuan Zhu Inorganic Scintillators in HEP [slides] [recording]
Noah Kurinsky Crystalline Cryogenic Detectors [slides] [recording]
Bruce Schumm Si Detectors in HEP [slides] [recording]
David Williams Air Cherenkov Telescopes to search for DM [slides] [recording]
Pedro Ochoa Liquid Argon and Scintillator Detectors for Neutrino Physics [slides] [recording]
Aaron Manalaysay Noble Liquid Detectors in DM & DBD [slides] [recording]
Javier Duarte AI/ML in HEP [slides] [recording]
Tony Tyson Legacy Survey of Space and Time: CCD Detectors [slides] [recording]
Bob Svoboda Water & Liquid Scintillator Detectors [slides] [recording]
Anyes Taffard Programmable Electronics in HEP [slides] [recording]
David Hitlin UV photosensors for the readout of barium fluoride [slides] [recording]