Prof. Mani Tripathi (UC Davis) is currently serving as the HEPCAT Director.

  • Responsible for overall financial solvency of HEPCAT and periodic reports to the DOE;
  • Nominate new PC and/or DC as necessary, to be ratified by the EC;
  • Interact with the External Advisory Board (EAB) as needed.



Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee (EC) will serve as the main governing body of HEPCAT. Duties:

  • Define the procedure for selection of fellows;
  • Work with the TACC to ensure equitable award of fellowships;
  • Select the fellows based on the established procedure;
  • Oversight of the HD, PC, DC;
  • Determine the location of annual summer school and meeting.

The current EC members:

  • Robert Svoboda (UCD, Chair)
  • Michalis Bachtis (UCLA)
  • Barry Barish (UCR)
  • Erik Brubaker (SNL)
  • Steven Dazeley (LLNL)
  • Bethany Goldblum (UCB)
  • Sowjanya Gollapinni (LANL)
  • Kent Irwin (Stanford)
  • Andrew Lankford (UCI)
  • Hugh Lippincott (UCSB)
  • Aaron Manalaysay (LBNL)
  • Harvey B. Newman (Caltech)
  • Kaixuan Ni (UCSD)
  • Jason Nielsen (UCSC)
  • Rene Ong (UCLA)
  • Tom Shutt (SLAC)
  • Maxwell Chertok (UCD, ex-officio, treasurer)
  • John Conway (UCD, ex-officio, TACC)
  • Emilija Pantic (UCD, ex-officio, DAC)
  • Lauren Tompkins (Stanford, ex-officio, Program Coordination Committee)
  • Mani Tripathi (UCD, ex-officio, Director)

Program Coordination Committee (PCC): 

Chair: Lauren Tompkins (Stanford)


  • Organize the monthly topical seminar by coordinating the rotation of the speakers through the topical groups
  • With the assistance of the Topical Group Coordinators and host consortium, organize the annual meeting as described below;
  • Coordinate HEPCAT-related courses at individual institutions and explore cross- registration.
  • maintain a database of HEPCAT grads
  • Coordinate quarterly professional development seminars for the fellows
  • Organize an annual mentoring workshop for program mentors.

DEI/Outreach and Assessment Committee (DAC):

Chair: Emilija Pantic (UCD)

Members: Maria Spiropulu (Caltech), Daniel Whiteson (UCI), and Carl Grace (LBNL).


  • Ensure HEPCAT Fellow recruitment is inclusive and effective at recruiting URM students;
  • Report on demographic makeup of the HEPCAT fellows to the EC as required;
  • Track the performance of HEPCAT students to ensure satisfactory academic performance;
  • Provide annual self-assessment regarding HEPCAT goals and performance;
  • Develop relationships with minority serving institutions (MSI) in order to recruit under-represented minority (URM) students into HEPCAT;
  • Organize the fellows mentoring program and round-table discussions.

Topical Area Coordination Committee (TACC): 

Chair: John Conway (UCD)

Members (topical group leaders):

  • Radiation Hardness (John Conway,
  • Noble Liquid Detectors (Jingke Xu,
  • UV/VUV Photosensors (Ren-yuan Zhu,
  • Quantum Devices (Kent Irwin,
  • Optical Scintillators/Crystals (Bethany Goldblum,
  • Silicon Detectors (Jason Nielsen,
  • AI/ML for Detectors (Javier Duarte,
  • Electronics/DAQ (Anyes Taffard,


  • Organize one HEPCAT web-based seminar every four months in coordination with the PC;
  • Organize the topical session at the annual meeting;
  • Annually nominate one student and one alternate for a fellowship. It is expected that each topical group will get one student/year for four years
  • Provide a brief annual report on the progress made by fellows to the EC.