TG2: Noble Liquid Detectors

Noble liquid detectors, especially those based on liquid argon and liquid xenon, are used in many frontier dark matter searches, such as DarkSide, LUX/LZ, and XENON1T/nT, and neutrino experiments, such as MicroBooNE, SBND, DUNE, and nEXO. These detectors often utilize both charge and light signals, providing excellent event reconstruction and discrimination capabilities. Further understanding of these signals and developing instrumentation to utilize them for sensitive detection of ultra-low energy and/or weakly interacting particles will be necessary to continue pushing the frontiers of science with noble detectors. In addition to the signal readout, instrumentation related to the cryogenics, purification, high voltage, ultra-low radioactive trace control and removal are critical to the success of these experiments.

University Mentors:
Laboratory Mentors:

The students will not only have the opportunity to develop and operate prototype noble liquid detectors and relevant technologies at the participating institutions, but also join the instrumentation development effort of the above mentioned large collaborations and operate the most advanced noble liquid detectors at the deep underground laboratories.

The time projection chamber of the LZ dark matter search.

PMTs in the water tank of the XENONnT dark matter search experiment

Large liquid argon detector for the deep underground neutrino experiment (DUNE)