We offer seminar series in which all the mentoring scientists will present their work, at level appropriate to the student body. All the seminars are recorded and available at this link.

Past seminars:

May 22 2024

Tom Shutt (SLAC): GammaTPC – a novel next generation Compton telescope [recording]

May 15th 2024

Simone M. Mazza (UCSC): Development of 4/5D detectors for near-future Higgs factories and nuclear physics experiments [Mazza_HEPCAT_seminar]

May 1 2024

Carl Grace (LBL): Custom Integrated Circuits for Physics Research [recording of 2023 talk]

April 17th 2024

Joseph Levine (UCD):  Searching for dark photons with the Dark E-field Radio Experiment [recording]

April 3rd 2024

Matthew Citron (UCD):  Exploring the Dark Sector [recording]


June 1st 2023

Thibault Laplace (UCB):  Scintillator physics and applications

May 4th 2023

Aishik Ghosh (UCI):  Machine Learning for detectors: simulations and more [recording]

April 6th 2023

Carl Grace (LBNL): Custom Integrated Circuits for Physics Research [recording]

Mar. 9th, 2023

Verena Martinez Outshoorn (UMAmherst/Stanford): Muon Detectors in Collider Physics Experiments [recording]

Feb. 9th, 2023

David Caratelli (UCSB): Neutrinos in High Definition: Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers for Neutrino Detection [recording]