Scintillator/SiPM Lab


This activity involves the use of a tabletop test bed that utilises Silicon PhotoMultipliers (SiPMs) and scintillators to assess the Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) capabilities of the scintillator using a mixed neutron and gamma source. For a description of the physics processes relating to the emission of light from scintillators the reader is directed to Organic Scintillators for Fast Neutron Detection1. For a very complete overview on SiPMs the reader is directed to The SiliconPhoto-Multiplier Status and Perspectives The learning outcomes of this lab are:

  • Understanding of data collection using a digitizer.
  • Fitting models to data using lmfit (python library).
  • Understanding of metrics used to assess PSD.


The lab write-up can be found here, and the Overleaf LaTeX source can be found here.

Lab Kit Inventory

The lab kit includes the following:

Not supplied but required for the activity (host institute must supply):
  • Mixed neutron and gamma source (AmBe, Cf252 as examples)